heavy thinking
unquenchable curiosity
creative self-expression

Think and act creatively

Awaken your curiosity, reason systematically, work collaboratively, and learn continuously.


People of all ages learn best when they are actively working on projects. We do robotics on a project-based environment where children are challenged to generate new ideas, develop prototypes, test and make improvements, and create final products. All in a continuum of learning and never-ending fun!

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Computer literacy is key to a successful future. Through computers, we have made the world more intelligent, interesting and over all a better place to be, but there is still a lot that can be done! Unfortunately, most children are not being taught creative computing - all they have seen is how to consume technology. For those looking for an upper hand, here is how we can help...

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Remember when we inspired students everywhere when we became the first country to put a man on the moon? Neither do we because we weren't born yet. But we know that our prowess in STEM has waned since then. We are ranked 52nd in the quality of mathematics and science education by the World Economic Forum. That's because kids don't think STEM is fun. Let us change that perception!

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STEM Enrichment Classes

Kahoolal – Knowledge in Mayan – is a space where kids  use science and technology to explode their creativity

Art and science blend together in our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math classes in South Florida.

Kahoolal’s after school enrichment classes include standards-based, hands-on activities and projects that reinforce STEM talents. Students are introduced to the exciting field of building, coding, and operating robots, in an environment that helps them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the 21st century.

We teach kids to think hard to solve problems and then test their ideas – using science as a tool. Their solutions – the product of their imagination, a reflection of their skills and a form of expression of who they are now – are true works of art facilitated by technology.

In this safe environment – using tools they already know and love – kids learn without pressure, their creativity is expressed without limits and their mind is challenged to its max.

Please let me know what will be available for the summer for our son once you know. He really loves going to Kahoolal and he looks forward every week to attend your class.

Parent J

Our family is thrilled to have found Kahoolal. The team at Kahoolal provides a nurturing environment where children can learn valuable cutting edge STEM skills while having fun. As a parent I highly recommend that you give your children the gift of this experience

Parent P

My kids love going to Kahoolal. Since starting with the robotics classes last summer , they have learned a great deal and had fun doing so. The classes teach much more than just building robots. Kahoolal also teaches kids to work together or independently to solve complex problems, which can prepare them for today’s technology-based […]

Parent A

  Before anything, congratulations for having such a great summer session for our little kids. Our son was fascinated after every class, and that gave him the energy to wake up early every day to go to your sessions!! 😉  It was really a pleasure to have our son attend your classes. In summary THANK […]

Parent K

I love this class because it’s exciting, exhilarating, fun and at times challenging, and we learn it’s O.K. to make mistakes


I loved when we made the puppy robot and the different emotions of the puppy.


I like that we could make different things like games, art programs and much more!


I liked making our first game!


I learned a lot and enjoyed using computers to create things.


I liked learning about binary code.