About Us

We decided to create Kahoolal to help the next generation of thinkers and doers get ready to tackle the problems the world will face when they grow up.

I guess it also helps that we are engineers, fascinated by the new technologies that are coming out, you name it, we have played with it!

While doing my masters at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), I was exposed to the best and the brightest minds of the world doing simply amazing things. Then when we came home I compared what was being taught at our local schools and realized that we had to do something to close the gap in STEM if we wanted our children to have a chance – a place – in any top school.

So we’ve been volunteering as robotics coaches for the past 7 years, participating in the FIRST family of programs. Our teams have received many awards, such as “Rookie of the Year”, “Best Research Project”, “Best Robot Performance”. This year the team had an outstanding performance, won the Championship award at a local FLL event, had the pleasure of competing in the South Florida FLL Regional, where they earned a spot to attend the Florida FLL State Championship. Once at the competition, our team again showed that perseverance and dedication make a difference, bringing back home the “Programming Award”. To put this in perspective, there are 700+ FLL teams in the state of Florida. Only 36 get to go to the State Championship, and of those only 9 get to bring an award home. So, do the math… our team is in the top 1% of the Robotics teams in Florida.

However, it’s not the awards that keeps us going (although we have to admit it feels pretty good when you get one). It’s our deep desire to change our culture where instead of having children consuming technology, we have children creating it… and having fun while doing it!

I <3 robots


I liked learning about binary code.


I learned a lot and enjoyed using computers to create things.


I liked making our first game!


I like that we could make different things like games, art programs and much more!


I loved when we made the puppy robot and the different emotions of the puppy.


I love this class because it’s exciting, exhilarating, fun and at times challenging, and we learn it’s O.K. to make mistakes


  Before anything, congratulations for having such a great summer session for our little kids. Our son was fascinated after every class, and that gave him the energy to wake up early every day to go to your sessions!! šŸ˜‰ Ā It was really a pleasure to have our son attend your classes. In summary THANK […]

Parent K

My kids love going to Kahoolal. Since starting with the robotics classes last summer , they have learned a great deal and had fun doing so. The classes teach much more than just building robots. Kahoolal also teaches kids to work together or independently to solve complex problems, which can prepare them for today’s technology-based […]

Parent A

Our family is thrilled to have found Kahoolal. The team at Kahoolal provides a nurturing environment where children can learn valuable cutting edge STEM skills while having fun. As a parent I highly recommend that you give your children the gift of this experience

Parent P

Please let me know what will be available for the summer for our sonĀ once you know. He really loves going to KahoolalĀ andĀ he looks forward every week to attend your class.

Parent J

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