Shocking Electronics Summer Session

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Own an smartphone, tablet, game console, camera, tv, pc? Do you have any idea how these “I-need-to-have” items work? Everyone uses electronic devices all day long, but most of us don’t really know what goes inside them. By learning how electronics work, anyone can create the new “must have” Consumer Electronic, or design new solutions to existing problems, make a ton of money, and have some fun while doing so. Therefore we decided to create a small workshop on electronics for this summer – and so far it has been a complete success!

[Students in Davie use Coding and Robotics classes to solve real-life problems]

We set in motion this energetic week with a shock…literally. The session started by feeling electricity in our bodies, then talked about what electricity is, how it can be generated and controlled. We then learned how some electronic tools work, how to measure electrical components, how they work and how they are coded, and many more interesting science facts.

So far we have had a couple of LEDs that have passed to better life, but other than that everyone seems to be having a lot of fun experimenting different things. I have been surprised by the inventiveness and creativity of everyone, and I am looking forward to see where that takes us!

Playing around with electricity has been super cool. Keep visiting our Facebook page, where we’ll be posting pictures of the class:

Posted on: July 21, 2016, by : admin