2016 Summer Sessions

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2016 Summer Schedule

Space is Limited by Design – Register Soon!

Don’t let your child miss on this opportunity to do something fun and educational at the same time. Our summer sessions will be absolutely INCREDIBLE!

This summer, let them try new things, tinker with materials, test their boundaries, take risks, and do it all over again… until it works! Participants will be actively working on projects, developing their creativity and innovation, while learning through playful experimentation and plain fun.

Classes start at 9:00 am and end at 11:00 am, Monday through Friday.

Week of  Grades Materials
June 13 Contraptions 1st – 4th  included
June 20 Building Robots 5th – 8th  included
June 27 Star Wars Robotics- NEW!! 2nd – 4th  included
July 5 Underwater Robotics 5th – 8th  extra
July 11 Robotics for Little Hands 1st – 4th  included
July 18 Circuits & Electronics 5th – 8th  extra
July 25 Coding & Gaming 4th – 8th  included
Aug 1 Arduino Robot 5th – 8th  extra
Aug 8 Techno Music 5th – 8th  included

Contraptions – Back by popular demand! One of the most beloved classes from last year – let’s build together interesting items using Legos and other unconventional materials, learn how they work and give them your special touch! 😉 Last year’s contraptions were a huge hit – had them on display the entire summer – they were AMAZING! This year we’ll be focusing on vehicles… Get ready to roll.

Building Robots – Intermediate students will have an awesome time learning how to build Lego robots and getting exposed to some basic building strategies to create amazing robots.

Star Wars Robotics Camp – Let your child explore the future of the universe from an amazing perspective. We will build robots and code some really cool games inspired by the always popular film series STAR WARS. This Camp will be out of this world!

Underwater Robotics – We’ll create a small underwater robot and test it on Saturday July 9th in an underwater competition! Campers may keep the electronic devices that they build.

Robotics for Little Hands – Beginners start their exposure to simple mechanisms and learn the basics of how to program and build Lego Robots.

Circuits and Electronics – Everyone uses electronic devices, but most of us don’t really know what goes inside them. In this session we’ll start by putting components together right away and after seeing what happens we’ll figure out what is going on – cutting wires, soldering boards, and lots of fun all included! By learning how technology works you’ll become better able to design new solutions to existing problems, and have some fun while doing so. In this challenging camp, students will use devices such as soldering irons, breadboards, and jumper wires to make LEDs, buzzers, and other fun things react to electricity. Without even noticing it, students will have the opportunity to learn about electricity, electronics, engineering, technology and mathematics, while building a pair of very cool summer project. Campers will keep the projects and electronic devices that they build.

Gaming & Programming – The objective: get students hooked on programming through gaming! A video game is a collaboration of art and technology, which requires game creators and game designers to work together. In this session, they will learn how to draw and animate their drawings, and will use advanced computer science concepts to create an arcade of games using Python.
Why Python?  Companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia, and IBM all use Python. In fact, among programming languages, Python had the largest year-on-year job demand growth. In New York, Python developers ranked #8 of the most in-demand tech workers, making an average of $106k/year, not too bad, right?

Arduino Robot – Time to learn something new ==>Arduino is an open source physical computing platform based on a simple I/O board and a development environment. It can be used to develop standalone interactive objects – such asturning signal biking jacket– or can be connected to your computer to create an intricate system such as an Eye Writer. It is a tool everybody with an artistic or creative side should learn how to use! In this class we will learn how to build your very own Arduino ROBOT. We promise hours of fun interactive entertainment and learning! Campers will keep the electronic devices that they build. Update: The robots have arrived, and we are absolutely dying to start this camp…

Techno Music – Mash up technology with music – the next wave of creativity is here! You’ll learn how to become a DJ coder, use interactive programming to create amazing music, and at the end present a very lively project in a studio performance. We don’t promise you’ll end up with a signed gig, but you’ll be on your way…  P.S. No music or coding experience required.

Please note that classes and schedule are subject to change. If you want to register a group of friends, please call 954-281-2202

Summer Camp Registration Form

If you are interested in securing a spot for your child/children, kindly fill out this form – one per child. If space is still available, a registration package and a separate invoice will be send. If you don’t receive it after 24hrs. of using this form, please check your spam folder or contact us at 954-281-2202. Because of the limited space we have, the only way to secure a spot is through payment.