Summer Sessions – 2015





2015 Summer Schedule

Register by 5/15/15 and get 8% discount!

Don’t let your child miss on this opportunity to do something fun and educational at the same time. Our summer sessions will be absolutely INCREDIBLE!

This summer, let them try new things, tinker with materials, test their boundaries, take risks, and do it all over again… until it works! Participants will be actively working on projects, developing their creativity and innovation, while learning through playful experimentation and plain fun.

Classes start at 9:00 am and end at 11:00 am, Monday through Friday.

Dates Description Age
6/8 or 7/20 Intro to Robotics 9+
6/15 or 7/27 Intro to Coding L1 – Graphical User Interface 9+
6/22 or 8/3 Jr. Robotics 7+
6/29 or 8/10 Intro to Coding L2 – Text Based Coding 11+
Building Contraptions 7+
7/13 Intro to Coding L3 – Advanced Text Based Coding 13+
8/17 Physical Computing – for Coding Members Only ** Call for details 9+


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