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People of all ages learn best when they are actively working on projects. We do robotics on a project-based environment where children are challenged to generate new ideas, develop prototypes, test and make improvements, and create final products. All in a continuum of learning and never-ending fun!

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Computer literacy is key to a successful future. Through computers, we have made the world more intelligent, interesting and over all a better place to be, but there is still a lot that can be done! Unfortunately, most children are not being taught creative computing - all they have seen is how to consume technology. For those looking for an upper hand, here is how we can help...

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Remember when we inspired students everywhere when we became the first country to put a man on the moon? Neither do we because we weren't born yet. But we know that our prowess in STEM has waned since then. We are ranked 52nd in the quality of mathematics and science education by the World Economic Forum. That's because kids don't think STEM is fun. Let us change that perception!

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Brain Workout

If you have been following us, you already know we had a very busy summer building Lego structures and robots, underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles, Arduino Automated Cars, learning about electronics and soldering, and doing some serious coding while blasting amazing music in our one-of-a-kind speakers! The summer sessions were a…

Shocking Electronics Summer Session

  Own an smartphone, tablet, game console, camera, tv, pc? Do you have any idea how these "I-need-to-have" items work? Everyone uses electronic devices all day long, but most of us don’t really know what goes inside them. By learning how electronics work, anyone can create the new "must have" Consumer Electronic,…

The STEM Revolution

I have always been an opinionated person. Since I was little I would always have an opinion on everything. However I have never shared my opinions - at least not in a written form – until today. So let’s start with the term that is so ubiquitous now a day.…

Ivy League College Admission Information Session

Would you like your child to attend a Top Ten university? Are you curious about the benefits of an Ivy League education? Interested in learning more about the Ivy League admissions process? If so, then join us for a free presentation with Jonathan Lu. During his presentation, Jonathan will share…

October 3rd – Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) Club Meeting

Megan Smith is a really smart cookie - just like the one you have at home... Megan Smith has worked throughout her career to encourage young female innovators and bring visibility to women who have played major roles in technology throughout history. Follow her example and expose your daughter to science…

Moonbots Videos are HERE!

Please help our teams move to the next phase! Leave a comment in our YouTube channel.   This project gave the team members the opportunity to learn about the Moon and how it inspires different people in different ways. At the same time they learned about writing, filming, editing and…

Moonbots Meeting

Kahoolal members are invited to an informational session 6/8/15 @ 6 pm RSVP http://goo.gl/forms/tzvAKpK4i0

The Night of the Millennium Coders

Bring your coding skills to Kahoolal and show us if you deserve to be called a MILLENNIUM CODER. There will be music, food, candy, prizes, good friends and yes, lots and lots of coding... Deadline to register: May 1st. [caption id="attachment_480" align="alignnone" width="637"] Millennium Coders Night[/caption] Interested? Sign up here:…

Summer Sessions – 2015

        2015 Summer Schedule Register by 5/15/15 and get 8% discount! Don't let your child miss on this opportunity to do something fun and educational at the same time. Our summer sessions will be absolutely INCREDIBLE! This summer, let them try new things, tinker with materials, test…

Kahoolal Science Day

UPDATE Take a look at Grace's video of her work at Mission 31! [video width="512" height="288" wmv="http://www.kahoolal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/IMG_4375.wmv"][/video]   We went to FIU to meet Grace Young who graduated from MIT with a bachelor degree in mechanical and ocean engineering. But she didn't attend her ceremony in Cambridge. Instead, she lived…